About ExchangeTek

ExchangeTek, a Veritas and Symantec “Gold” Partner, was founded in 2003 for the purpose of providing highly focused design and implementation expertise for archiving, e-discovery and DLP projects.

As a legacy KVS Consulting Partner, ExchangeTek was well-prepared to deliver enterprise-class design and implementation services, after the acquisition by Symantec/Veritas, for their Messaging Management platform. This platform is anchored by the market-leading Enterprise Vault product suite.

ExchangeTek’s technical bench was greatly strengthened, in 2005, by the arrival of Dan Littman, VP of Technical Services. Prior to joining ExchangeTek, Dan was an Enterprise Vault Solutions Architect with Symantec/Veritas. Dan manages the development and deployment of ExchangeTek’s technical resources.

Today, ExchangeTek is fully committed to providing enabling services for the expanded Symantec/Veritas Information Risk Management solution platforms. The components supported by ExchangeTek include:

  1. Veritas Enterprise Vault
  2. Veritas e-Discovery
  3. Symantec Data Loss Prevention

ExchangeTek projects have included Fortune 50, Fortune 1000 and SMB size projects. In all cases, quality of design, implementation and training are foremost.

ExchangeTek is100% focused on Symantec/Veritas Information Risk Management , Archiving and eDiscovery solutions.

As a Symantec/Veritas Consulting Partner, ExchangeTek is fully certified to provide design, implementation, upgrade and training services. ExchangeTek is an approved subcontractor for Symantec/Veritas Professional Services and other Symantec/Veritas Partners.