Veritas – Intelligent Archiving

Enterprise Vault

Enterprise Vault, the industry leader in email and content archiving, enables users to store, manage, and discover unstructured information across the organization. Using a market proven architecture, Enterprise Vault provides an open, intelligent and manageable approach to improve management, reduce costs and control information risk. With unstructured information consuming a large percentage of storage, Enterprise Vault archives information from messaging, file servers and collaborative systems using powerful storage optimization, classification and retention technologies. Enterprise Vault will automatically capture, categorize, index and enforce retention policies and secure unstructured information while reducing storage costs and simplifying management.

Key Features:
Policy-based archiving. Move less-frequently used unstructured information from high-cost disk and archive to lower cost storage while maintaining accessibility.

PST/NSF Migration. PST/NSF migration archives unmanaged personal email messages and attachments, enabling IT to effectively eradicate the use of personal store files and regain control of the information within those files.

Electronic Discovery and Search with Guided Review.Through roles-based access searches can be conducted and results reviewed and navigated based on clustering of data retained within the archive. Results can be marked and tagged by reviewers or according to rules.

Granular Legal Hold. Automatically suspend the deletion of archived data in response to internal investigation, litigation or regulatory request.

Key Benefits:

Automation Automates the migration, storage and retention of unstructured information in accordance with IT policies while improving performance, reducing costs and simplifying management.

Storage Reduction.Reduces storage, backup and help desk costs, while controlling data loss and ensuring all email remains protected and in compliance with corporate policies.

Proactive Archiving.Proactive archiving reduces the costs associated with search and collection of electronic data by creating a centralized and indexed archive that can be searched on demand.

Legal Hold. Legal Hold prevents destruction of email, IM, Files or SharePoint documents by preserving data related to an individual or groups of users as part of a case.