Symantec & Veritas – Regulatory Compliance Solutions

Symantec & Veritas offer solutions that address requirements of regulatory compliance. This page highlights the benefits of two of those solutions:

  • • Veritas Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator
  • • Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Compliance Accelerator (post-supervision)
Veritas Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator is a highly configurable add-on solution to Enterprise Vault for Microsoft® Exchange. Compliance Accelerator allows organizations to perform cost-effective supervisory review of broker-dealer email to help ensure compliance with regulatory bodies. Providing the framework to select and sample target email, manage its review by appropriate reviewers, and record the process for audit purposes, Compliance Accelerator helps to decrease the cost and effort of email supervision, review, and compliance demonstration.

Key Benefits

  • • Address digital data compliance requirements
  • • Significantly facilitate and help lower the cost of email supervisory process
  • • Reduce the administration load on reviewers and control end-to-end email supervision
  • • Quickly find and present relevant email for proactive email retention and response
  • • Demonstrate commitment to compliance and best-practice governance

Data Loss Prevention (pre-supervision)
Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) delivers a unified solution to discover, monitor, and protect confidential data wherever it is stored or used. DLP offers comprehensive coverage of confidential data across endpoint, network and storage systems. By measurably reducing risk, DLP gives organizations new confidence to demonstrate compliance while protecting their customers, brand, and intellectual property.

Key Benefits

  • • Symantec Data Loss Prevention reduces the proliferation of confidential data across enterprise data centers, client systems, remote offices and end-user PCs
  • • Gain visibility into employee activity on and off the corporate network and at the endpoint; identify broken business practices due to transmitting confidential data.
  • • Stop the loss of confidential data over the network or through end-user PCs.
  • • By measurably reducing risk Symantec Data Loss Prevention gives organizations new confidence to demonstrate compliance while protecting their customers’ brand, and intellectual property.