Consultancy services we provide

ExchangeTek Consulting

implement and maintain comprehensive, customized security and availability solutions that enable organizations to protect and manage critical business assets. Our consultants perform assessment, design, implementation, on-site staff augmentation, and incident planning and forensics services for enterprises around the globe.

Legacy Archive Migration

If you are upgrading your current archiving environment to Veritas Enterprise Vault or MS Office 365, ExchangeTek can assist you with the migration of your legacy archives to Enterprise Vault or to MS Office 365. All migration activity is logged and audited to ensure the integrity of your archived data and preserve chain‐of‐custody as you move data from one archive to another.


This first step reviews the Information Risk Management solution, evaluating the current business requirements, the architecture and design for any issues or exposures.


For both small and large enterprises, ExchangeTek’s “Best Practice” implementation services assure continuity of application availability and maximum return on investment. These services on available through an on-site or remote engineer.


ExchangeTek engineers will provide you with the focused expertise to bring your application current in the shortest possible time with minimal impact on users.

Supplementary Support

In addition to the software manufacturers’ annual support contracts, ExchangeTek offers hourly bundles for more personalized service. Advanced training, granular one-off fix requests and e-Discovery participation during the “heat of the battle” are the typical market for these services.