Email Archive Migration Services


ExchangeTek’s experienced professionals will ensure your archived email records remain seamlessly accessible to end users and to your business, while maintaining full chain-of-custody.

Powered by TransVault and/or HubStor, our archive migration service is exceptionally rapid and transparent to users, eliminating the risk of downtime and significantly reducing the costs such as IT overhead, time and user impact normally associated with moving large amounts of data.

All data movement is fully audited, enabling you to meet compliance and business requirements for data integrity.


Key Benefits

Zero impact on users

Data migration can take place even in 24 x 7 environments, with seamless conversion of old archive shortcuts even while users are logged in and active.

Policy-based migrations

The filtering of items based on advanced granular criteria enables the migration of only required data according to retention policies, and saving storage costs.

Compliant, secure migrations

Each item moved is fully audited, and movement of items is achieved in 1 step, eliminating the risks associated with multiple stage migrations.

Flexible and scalable

TransVault technology has been proven in some of the biggest Enterprise Vault migrations carried out to date, with features that enable us to cope with some of the most challenging scenarios, such as very large journal mailboxes, complex configurations of many different archiving platforms and versions.

Key Features

There are many benefits of performing a “direct” migration into Office 365.

office365 - Exchange-tek

Preserve the Chain of Custody

Our direct migrations offer end-to-end, transactional transfers to ensure the chain-of-custody of your data remains unbroken as it’s moved.

Complete Auditing

Detailed reports are generated that prove your data has been successfully received by Office 365. This includes time-stamped records including the ID of the item in both the source archive and Office 365.

Tightly Control What Gets Migrated

Advanced policies automatically direct selected data to the required places - such as Primary Mailboxes or In-Place archives. Doing this without software would require manual intervention to create the requisite PST files and user mapping files.

Error Handling

We have the ability to identify, track, re-process, and perform advanced troubleshooting of any failed items.

Journal Archive Migrations

The Compliance Time Machine service migrates journal archives along with vital meta-data including BCC'd and distribution list recipients, ensuring this data is fully intact, complete and discoverable in the new Office 365 compliance model.

Automated Shortcut Management

We can remove shortcuts before or after the corresponding emails are moved into Office 365, ensuring a great experience for end users.

Preservation of Deleted & Legal Hold Items

There may be archived items that have been deleted by users or items placed on a litigation hold that need to remain searchable to authorized personnel. We can migrate these items to a hidden folder in users' mailboxes in Exchange Online so that they are still available for eDiscovery.