Intelligent Archiving Services

Veritas Enterprise Vault

Veritas Enterprise Vault is a foundation for intelligent information lifecycle management. With flexible deployment on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid configurations, Enterprise Vault offers policy-driven retention, indexing and classification of over 80 content sources.

Are you prepared for data privacy regulations (example California Consumer Privacy Act, GDPR) that require the ability to communicate all content held on an individual?

Can you respond to a Subject Access Request (request for content) in a timely manner?

Do you have a good way to determine what data is important to keep, and what isn’t?

How much time is spent on eDiscovery to support legal actions?

Where will your archive data be located, and who has access to it?

How long are you required to keep your data?

How would unlimited storage of archived data or predictable per-month expense impact your business?

Veritas has over 20 years of market leadership in Information Archiving, with 86% of Fortune 500 companies relying on Veritas to protect and retain their data.

Enterprise Vault is highly cost-competitive and easy to use, with minimal IT staff required, so it provides an ideal solution for industries with strong compliance requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA for finance, healthcare, and local government.

Intelligent Archiving Services - Exchange-tek

Key Benefits

Archives 80+ content sources and classifies and indexes the content
for easy retrieval.

Automates an information retention policy.

Simplifies compliance and litigation-related eDiscovery.

Enables Supervision sampling of content to ensure compliance with
regulations and internal policies.

Migrates older data to less expensive long-term storage.

Key Features


Automate standardized, policy-driven data retention and demonstrate implemented retention measures for SOX, FINRA, SEC, GDPR, HIPAA and numerous other regulations.

Storage reduction

Reduces storage, backup and help desk costs, while controlling data loss and ensuring all email remains protected and in compliance with corporate policies.

Proactive archiving

Proactive archiving reduces the costs associated with search and collection of electronic data by creating a centralized and indexed archive that can be searched on demand.

Legal Hold

Legal Hold prevents destruction of email, IM, Files or SharePoint documents by preserving data related to an individual or groups of users as part of a case.

Capture everything

Journal archive every message that passes through your organization’s servers and capture all email metadata, so every message is accounted for, including all attachments, cc lists, bcc recipients, and other important message context.


Ensure retention practices for regulated organizations comply with applicable laws & eDiscovery practices are defensible. Preserve email and other unstructured data by policy, as journaled records in a high-availability repository, protected against unauthorized or accidental deletion.

Advanced searching

Simplify finding & filtering collected information with advanced, iterative search capabilities to retrieve only what’s needed.